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On the 1st of October Bolesław Prus University of Humanities (WWSH) changed its name to the Warsaw University of Economics (WUE).

Hotel & tourism economics
bachelor’s degree

Recruitment in progress!

Hotel & tourism economics
bachelor’s degree

Recruitment in progress!

Choose one of our economic majors and provide yourself with a wide range of career opportunities. Find our more about hotel & tourism economics.

Hotel & tourism economics

Hotel & tourism economics is a field of study that prepares students to manage a business operating in the tourism industry. Our University in Warsaw created a curriculum in which there are subjects providing knowledge in the field of hotel functioning, company development strategy planning, HR management, financial issues and creating interesting business profiles. To expand your knowledge about marketing strategies and consumer relations, you can also study psychology in business.

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Hotel & tourism economics studies

A graduate of our major will be qualified to work in hotels, guesthouses and other tourism-related companies. In class student will gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills, which can be useful in future workplaces. Hotel & tourism economics is a prospective field of study, that allows students to find lucrative professions.

The aim of the course is to provide students with knowledge in the field of:

  • running company in the tourism industry,
  • financial strategy planning,
  • marketing that attracts customers,
  • tourism service,
  • modern hotel industry,
  • systems and technologies used in tourism.


Field of studies: economics
Mode: full-time studies (classes take place from Monday to Friday)
Duration of studies: 3 years, 6 semesters
Language of instruction: English
Degree obtained: bachelor’s degree (you may continue your studies at the graduate or post-graduate level)

Recruitment in progress

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Studying in English

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Entry fee € 100
Full time studies
Payment for one year Payment for one semester
3.300 euro 2.900 euro 1.900 euro

Recruitment stages

1. Online registration

Fill in and print out the online recruitment form available online.

2. Completion of documents

Prepare a complete set of documents and pay the admission fee. In the title of the bank transfer enter your first name, surname, field of study.

3. Submission of documents

The required documents should be delivered to the Recruitment Office in person, by post or by third parties. When sending the documents by post, please, remember to enclose the original of the matriculation certificate.

4. Decision

You will be informed electronically about the receipt of documents. The written decision will be sent by registered letter with a return receipt to the indicated mailing address.

5. Completion of formalities

Having received the decision on his / her admission, the student signs the Study Agreement and pays the tuition fees.

6. Commencement of studies

Before you start your course, you will be given the access to the e-deanery and to the Student Forum, where you will find your timetable.

Submit a complete documentation in our recruitment office:

Bachelor Degree Program (Undergraduate studies):

  • Application form,
  • Original or a true copy of the certificate of matriculation,
  • 1 photograph of 35 x 45 mm format,
  • A colour photograph in JPG format with dimensions of 456 x 368 (height to width) pixels, with a resolution of 300 dpi,
  • Proof of payment of the admission fee in the amount of EUR 100 to the bank account of the University.

Foreign applicants shall additionally submit:

  • Certificate of matriculation accompanied by a certified translation and an apostille or the document authentication,
  • A photocopy of the passport,
  • Insurance policy,
  • Medical certificate confirming the holder’s ability to study in Poland,
  • A copy of the certificate confirming their knowledge of English language. In the absence of such a document – the Applicant’s statement on the level of language qualifications and on entering the language examination organized by the University upon the Applicant’s arrival in Poland.

All persons applying for admission to the University will be accepted automatically after they submit a complete set of documents and pay the admission fee.