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On the 1st of October Bolesław Prus University of Humanities (WWSH) changed its name to the Warsaw University of Economics (WUE).

bachelor’s degree

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bachelor’s degree

Recruitment in progress!

Economic studies

Economic studies gives students opportunities to get education in the field of world economy, accountancy, finances and management. Economics is a major that is very popular among students due to wide range of employment opportunities. Graduates of economic studies can get a job in global companies as managers, HR specialist, accountants and bankers. Moreover, the knowledge gained in classes enables student to run their own prosperous business.

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Specializations in economic studies provide knowledge about:

  • microeconomics and macroeconomics,
  • running a company,
  • accounting and finances,
  • mathematical analysis and mathematical statistics,
  • basics of computer science,
  • international business,
  • econometrics,
  • trade law,
  • management,
  • business strategies,
  • economic and social processes,
  • managerial economics.

Economic major in Poland

Economic major in Poland is dedicated to people, who want to gain thorough knowledge related to analytical tools, used in company management. During classes student will get acquainted not only with informations in the field of economics, but also in field of psychology, law or computer science. Therefore, the graduate will gain comprehensive preparation for work, which will certainly be appreciated by future employers.

Recruitment in progress

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What do you need to know about economic studies in Poland?

Bachelor studies in economics last 3 years and during that time student is gaining knowledge that is necessary to running a company and planning an efficient strategy for a business operating in the international arena. This major provides comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical preparation in the field of accounting, banking or entrepreneurship. Graduates will be able to reasonably and effectively manage the company’s budget, run their own business, and manage a team of employees.