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On the 1st of October Bolesław Prus University of Humanities (WWSH) changed its name to the Warsaw University of Economics (WUE).


Recruitment in progress!


Recruitment in progress!

Economic studies in Warsaw

Economic studies in Warsaw educate future specialists in the field of: accounting, finance and human resources management. Nowadays, qualified economists are highly valued on the job market – the dynamic development of numerous companies results in growing demand for experienced employees with practical and theoretical knowledge. At our University in Warsaw students who want to study economics can choose from many specializations, that will help them orient their career path.

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Graduates of economic studies work as:

  • accountants,
  • HR specialists,
  • self-employed enterprisers,
  • logistics specialists,
  • insurance specialists,
  • bank representatives,
  • government officials,
  • tax accountants,
  • employees in private enterprises,
  • local government employees

Economic majors

Economic majors in Poland are very popular among students, especially due to many useful, interesting lectures and job prospects after graduating. As part of bachelor’s studies in economics, our university offers many specialties that will allow students to start lucrative careers. Choose practical major, learn useful skill and find attractive job.

Recruitment in progress

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